The Tie Stick Fade - Screen Printed by Cat Palace


I got lost after Da Nang. Off the grid. Forgotten by the world like too many that came back with clenched teeth or draped in a flag. Chasing long legged hippie girls when I wasn't stringing beads to sell at airports or mixing Kool-Aid to expand our horizons. That buzzcut boy is long gone. BANG BANG BANG... I hear his name called out from time to time, but that stopped being me somewhere in the haze. Tie Stick Fade they call me now. I found myself and my peace dipping twisted cotton into a celestial rainbow of dyes. Each one unwound and exposed to the great expanse of all sentient begins to reveal a unique work of beauty, never seen before, never to be another like it. Unique like you, me... Like everyone that chooses to step into infinity.